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At Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we pride ourselves on being of the most reliable and trusted bathroom remodeling contractor. We offer professional refinishing services to homeowners in Vista, California. We provide high quality and durable remodeling services at affordable rates.

For us, quality and affordability of remodeling services are the most important things. That is why we offer perks that help our customers save money when working with us. We offer free estimates for the bathroom remodeling services. We also offer some of the most competitive rates in Vista, CA.

Our Bathtub Refinishing Services

Having been in this industry for a while, we understand what homeowners needs. That is why we have continuously diversified our services to address all the refinishing needs. So, we offer a vast range of bathroom remodeling services in the market. Here are some of the services that we are providing:

Shower Chips

Shower chips are very common in all homes. Chips are usually caused by falling sharp or heavy objects. The bad thing about these chips is that they can be the origin of your shower problems if not fixed immediately. The chip will continue to expand, and eventually, it will be too big to repair. We will help you fix your shower chips. We have the expertise and equipment to fix any chip and deliver a flawless finish. Contact us for a free assessment on shower chips refinishing services.

Bathtub Scratches

As long as you are using the bathtub, you are likely to scratches on it. If these scratched are not repaired immediately, the lifespan of the bathtub will start reducing. What you need is a professional to refinish them, and we can help you with it. If the scratches are not deep, we usually use the best quality liquid polisher to restore the bathtub appearance back to new. But if the bathtub happens to have deep scratched, we use a more complex process to fix it. Contact if you have a scratched bathtub, and we will restore its appearance to new. All this at affordable rates.

Bathtub Holes

Some people think that once a bathtub should be thrown away once it develops some holes. But we can help you remodel it and give it a new life. We can repair even large bathtub holes since we have years of experience in doing this. We have the right tools and materials that will restore a holed bathtub back to new. Contact for free assessments and affordable bathtub hole remodeling services,

Damaged Bathtub

Different types of damages that may happen to a bathtub. Apart from holes and chips, there could be crack, stains, and dings, among others. At Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we can help you repair any of these damages. Contact us, even via email, for free quotes on all bathtub damages.

Leaky Fiberglass Shower

If your fiberglass shower is leaking, then the problem is most likely to be a crack. You don’t need to rip off the shower. We can stop the leak and make the shower work as if it was new. We have the experience and the right materials and tools to handle such tasks.

If you need bathroom remodeling services in Vista, contact us today for free estimates on all bathroom remodeling services. We are professional bathroom refinished contractors providing high quality, durable, and affordable services.