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At Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we have been proudly serving Vista, California and the surrounding areas with bathroom remodeling services of the highest quality and at affordable rates. We offer a range of bathroom remodeling services including cultured marble vanity countertops, cultured marble bathtubs, to mention but a few. After a number of years of wear and tear, your cultured marble countertop and sink will show signs of aging. The finish may become dull and cracks could appear around the drain. Sometimes the color may look like it is from decades ago. The good news is that Vista Bathtub Refinishing can transform your old and worn out countertops to look brand new.

Finishing Process on Marble

We employ modern technology that is geared towards giving you a hard multi fleck finish in a range of colors. Our trained expert technicians will fill in all the cracks and chips which would have formed over the years. We then cover up and clean all the surrounding areas in the bathroom. An aerospace primer would then be sprayed into the countertop to ensure proper adhesion. This enables us to give you a guarantee against any form of peeling off that surface. The color options are quite striking and most people might believe you have installed a new countertop. Yet the cost of this work is very minimal when compared to replacement. Using our unique multi finish system can save you thousands of dollars. Whether you want a new look for your bathroom or are currently remodeling, call or email us for a free estimate. One of our team members will be available to show you how we can increase the beauty of your bathroom.

Quality Workmanship

We provide the highest quality workmanship in the whole of Vista, California and the surrounding areas. When you call us and we come to your home or offices. Before we even show you any sample colors, the first thing we do is understand the aesthetic you are looking for. Whether you want something different and fresh or you want to restore your bathroom to its former glory, we can deliver on both ends. Our expert technicians have worked on numerous bathroom remodeling projects and understand what it takes to produce outstanding results. Furthermore, all our services are performed using ultra-modern technology so that only the highest standards can be achieved. We can handle all kinds of projects. From simple home bathroom remodeling to large scale business or commercial remodeling needs. No bathroom remodeling project can ever be beyond our means or expertise. We are the leading bathroom remodeling company in Vista, California.

Call For A Free Estimate

At Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we strive for perfection in every bathroom remodeling project we undertake. We understand that complete customer satisfaction is not just about using advanced technology. It is also about superior customer service. So being friendly and helpful is rooted in our culture as a company. Our team cares about fulfilling your needs maximally hence we do whatever it takes to make you happy. If have any inquiries or questions, feel free to ask us. We would love to help. Call us today for a free estimate on all bathroom remodeling and bathtub refinishing services.