DIY – Recaulking Your Shower in Vista

Professional Shower Installation in Vista

We offer many quality services in the Vista, California area, including grouting, repairing, and refinishing of showers and tubs. Sometimes, the job isn’t too difficult and can be accomplished without calling a professional.

Of course, we would love to provide you our top-rated services, but we want to save you as much money as possible too. Here is a simple method to regrout your shower at home:

The first step is the thorough cleaning of your shower. Many dirty showers have foam accumulations that need to be thoroughly cleaned before regrouting begins. It is important to use a professional soap scum removal product and a professional scrub pad to remove soap and dirt from the walls and floor of the shower. Do not use abrasives as they can scratch your tiles. It may be useful to use a professional steam cleaning machine together with soap scum removers and scrub pads. A professional steam cleaning machine is useful to speed up the cleaning process.

The second step is to remove and seal the moldy and dirty mortar. It is important to remove all old caulk from the shower area first. The best way to remove old caulk is to use a razor and scratch everything in and around the shower. After the old seal has been removed, it is time to remove the grout from the shower.

The third step is drying the walls. In most cases, water and mold have got into the wall. Therefore, it is necessary to completely dry the shower walls before a regrouting process can take place. Do not try to regrout the wet shower wall substrate. Water in its walls can continue to harbor dangerous mildew and mold.

The fourth step is to apply the grout to the shower. It is better to use a professional grout powder with latex additive. Do not use ready to use products, as they are much inferior and technically not cement products. It’s better to go to a professional tile shop and buy your grouting materials from an experienced salesman. Stay away from big hardware stores because they have a lot of inferior products and their suppliers generally do not specialize in tile placement products.

The fifth step is to recaulk the shower. Recaulk is the weakest link in the water destroying your walls and floors. Therefore, it is important to apply it correctly. They must caulk between all tile walls and between tiles and fixtures. This ensures that no water gets between the tiles and the walls and floors. It is better to use only 100% silicone caulks because they last longer and do not leave molds as water-based latex or cheaper silicone caulks.

The sixth step is sealing your grout with a professional impregnating sealer. A high-quality sealer protects your grout from stains and prevents the formation of mildew and mold. Again, it is advisable to buy a professional sealer in a tile shop and stay away from the cheaper sealants that are sold in big stores.

The seventh step is to wait 72 hours for the grout to set completely and then enjoy the new shower. Many owners can do a regrouting process with the right tools and some manual skills. It can also be very convenient and save a lot of headaches when a professional tile repair and restoration company expertly recaulk and regrout your shower or bathroom.