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Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Vista

There are lots of reasons why countertop, tile, sink, and bathtub refinishing is better than replacing. First of all, refinishing could save you about 70% of the money you would have spent removing and replacing your tile, countertops, sink, and bathtub. Refinishing had made ripping up floors, damaging walls, and tearing out plumbing absolute. Another significant reason is that it takes less time to refinish than to replace it. Why wait for weeks for an expensive replacement when you can simply do a refinishing that could be completed in a matter of hours. Everything from bathtubs, ceramic tile, sinks, and even Laminated Formica countertops can be refinished to look as good as new. Using the right techniques and materials, the results can be incredible and most people would not be able to tell the difference between a new surface and a refinished one.

Our Refinishing Process

At Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we can refinish all kinds of bathtubs including clawfoot tubs, porcelain sinks, porcelain tile, laminated countertops, to mention but a few. Generally, the procedure of restoring a porcelain tub involves; cleaning and preparation of the working area, getting the new coating to bond to the surface of the old ceramic or porcelain tile, application of a new surface and lastly polishing and thorough cleaning. Our skilled technicians are very capable of restoring your porcelain bathtub to having a brand new look. They are masterful craftsmen with years of experience working on both commercial and residential bathroom remodeling projects. For all your home or business bathtub remodeling needs, contact Vista Bathtub Refinishing, we offer free estimates on all our services.

Beautiful and Affordable

Tub and top refinishing is a cost-effective option when compared to replacing damaged or worn out bathtubs and sinks. If your bathtub, countertop or sink is showing signs of aging or you feel like it is out of style, we have the perfect solution. We are the most effective and advanced refinishers in Vista, California and the surrounding areas. We are famous for providing quick services that are affordable and high quality. When customers see the quality of our work, they often marvel at how beautiful it is. While doing our work, we only employ the newest techniques and technology to maximize the standard of the end result we present to you. If you decide to hire us for your bathtub remodeling needs, you can rest easy and simply wait to enjoy a wonderfully restored bathtub, sink or countertop.

Quality Service and Free Quotes

It is quite clear that the residents of Vista, California prize our services over other service providers. Why you may wonder? Well, the answer lies in our expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves in delivering elegant bathtub, sink and countertop finishes that are unique in design and highly innovative. All our products have a unique character and we guarantee that you are going to enjoy them for many years to come. What’s more, we offer the best prices and we are always consistent with our high standards. Call or email us today for a free estimate on all your bathtub remodeling needs.