Ways to Detox Your Bathroom in Vista

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Did you know that the US federal regulation does not require testing or considered safe before manufacturers have them included in consumer products? As a result, you may have noticed that there is a growing list of chemicals and products that are harmful to humans after their release.

Cancer, pregnancy complications, hormonal imbalances, asthma, and other diseases have been associated with toxic chemicals in commercially manufactured household products. The worse thing is that many chemicals are not listed on the product label, and you don’t have any idea about what you’re spreading in your home and putting yourself and your kids directly.

Do you want to save money, organize your home and get rid of toxic disorders? Then it’s time to face the challenge of overcoming your bath as a non-toxic bath. For most people, the bathroom is the place they consider a comfort zone or their favorite place at home. Well, who does not want a rejuvenating bubble bath after a working day? However, we don’t know that the bathroom is one of the places in our house where dangerous toxins are found. This is a health hazard for our family, especially for our children. Here are some tips to keep our bathrooms safe and healthy for our children.

Non-Toxic Organic Cleaners

Switch from chemical cleaners to non-toxic organic cleaners. Our instinct was to keep our bathrooms spotless. Studies have shown that a computer keyboard contains more germs than the toilet seat. And to keep our toilets clean, we use many concentrated chemical cleaners without knowing the potential side effects of these products. For example, bleach, one of the most popular products that homemakers use to clean their toilets, may release toxins when mixed with other cleaners.

It would be more advisable for us mothers to choose a safer option, such as natural and organic cleaning solutions. An example of this is the Tiles cleaner and Babyganics Scrub. These products contain no harmful residue. These are non-toxic cleaners that are safe and effective for your baby.

Easy To Clean Flooring

The use of vinyl flooring, shower curtains and carpets is another aspect we should consider. Vinyl contains softening chemicals such as phthalates that interfere with the development, reproductive and behavioral functions of the body. These toxins can be released into the bathroom air. Replace your vinyl items with a healthier alternative. Ceramic tiles are a viable replacement for vinyl carpets. Organic cotton or ethylene-vinyl acetate is a good substitute for vinyl curtains.


Improved ventilation of your bathroom can also reduce the risk of toxins. Moisture and moisture can cause the bathroom to accumulate biological toxins or allergens such as mold. Make sure your bathroom is adequately ventilated. Install an exhaust fan and repair any leaks that promote mold growth.